S. N. Pingle Consultants has a able team of competent Architects, Interior designers and Engineers.

This team is mentored by three partners : Mr. S. N. Pingle, Mr. Vinay Mahajan & Mrs. Aditi Mahajan.

Ar. S.N. Pingle

  • Graduated from the Bombay University in 1961 with a "Bachelor Of Architecture" degree and Associate member of the Indian Institute of Architects.
  • Started his career in Architecture through a partnership firm from 1961 to 1967 in Bombay and then migrated to Pune and running a successful practice since then.
  • Having over 45 years of experience in relevant domains, he mentors the entire team with his visionary ideas.

Ar. Vinay Mahajan

  • Having completed his graduation from Pune in 1995, he started his career with SNPC from 1997 onwards.
  • Since his early years he has been very passionate about every project he deals in.
  • His optimism and Never-Say-Die attitude always ensures that the client gets the best end-result and asset value.
  • His zeal for perfection, detailing and hard work is groomed into his team members which ensuring harmonious and successful completion of projects.
  • Being a true leader he always inspires his team and drives them in a way that they can achieve their maximum potential while delivering the best to the Client.

Ar. Aditi Mahajan

  • After her graduation from Pune in 1995 she started practicing in SNPC.
  • Her role is very critical in shaping up SNPC over the past 20 years and is the true back bone of the company.
  • She has a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in the design of the built environment.
  • Her eye for proportions and material applications always lend a guiding hand to the team members.
  • Apart from work she makes out time to peruse her passion for Indology and has completed her masters in the same subject with honours.
  • SNPC's consultancy parameters are further cemented by the presence of associated MEP & allied Service Consultants.
  • The consultants with their expertise help the in-house team to deliver to the Client a Turnkey consultancy package.